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Community Central is the popular video series on the world of open source, particularly projects sponsored by Red Hat. We also cover topics from the world of open source project management.

Community Central sessions are generally presented as discussion sessions, with 15-30 minutes of Q&A. So please bring your questions! You’ll be able to ask them using the built-in Q&A tool.

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Upcoming Presentations

All sessions are scheduled to start at 1100 EDT / 1500 UTC (unless otherwise indicated).

Date Series Title Presenter Description
April 24, 2024 Community Sessions How Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office supports our customers Josh Berkus, Tracy Buckner, Cara Delia, Jefro Osier-Mixon, Leslie Hawthorn (Moderator) If you know Red Hat’s OSPO, you know that we work hands-on with upstream communities like Fedora and Kubernetes. But did you know that OSPO directly engages with our customers?/ Please join us for this Community Central episode where we’ll discuss some of our team’s success stories working with customers in both upstream communities and 1:1 in partnership with our account teams. We’ll share customer trends we’re seeing in industry verticals like Automotive and FSI, and technology areas like RISC-V and Sustainability. We’ll also treat you to a quick walkthrough of the open source enablement materials we’ve prepared for our field facing professionals to use with customers looking to benefit from Red Hat’s open source expertise. Attendees will leave this session with deeper knowledge of Red Hat’s OSPO, how our mission supports Red Hat’s strategy, and some behind the scenes stories of helping our customers solve problems they encounter in a community context.

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Join It or Leave It? Key considerations for evaluating communities

Past Videos

Date Series Title Speaker Description
April 10, 2024 Community Sessions Join It or Leave It? Key considerations for evaluating communities Lisa Caywood, Cali Dolfi, Jefro Osier-Mixon When should Red Hat join an outside community? Is it enough that a customer asks about it, or that a competitor has joined? How do we decide when to leave? In this new episode of Community Central, our panel discussion will walk through how we evaluate a community and its importance to Red Hat–its technical importance, governance, overall community health and competitive considerations–and how we manage that relationship throughout the project’s lifecycle.
March 13, 2024 Community Sessions Foundations, projects, and consortia, oh my! Lisa Caywood Red Hat participates in a variety of different outside groups, which all have their own ways of doing things. In this short session, you will learn about the differences between standards bodies, consortia, open source projects and foundations, and how they interact with each other. Join guest Lisa Caywood as she discusses how a multi-pronged approach can help drive desired outcomes in less time.
December 8, 2022 Community Sessions Writing reusable GitHub Action for Testing Farm workflows Petr Hracek In this episode of Community Central, join host Brian Proffitt and guest Petr Hracek to find out how to write a GitHub Action that triggers tests on the Testing Farm environment, how can be the action integrated into your GitHub project, and how can you benefit from the testing-farm-as-github-action that is already available on the GitHub Marketplace.
October 27, 2022 Community Sessions Packit: Integrate Projects in Fedora & CentOS Stream Tomas Tomecek & Frantisek Lachman Packit is here to help you with RPM builds and running tests on Red Hat’s operating systems. It’s a GitHub app that you can install in your upstream repository and get RPM builds for new pull requests, commits and releases. But that’s just the beginning - Packit can also save you time with maintaining your packages. In this session, we are going to showcase the features of Packit, explain Fedora’s development workflow briefly and describe how easy it is to use Packit for projects that are packaged as RPMs.
August 25, 2022 Community Sessions Introduction to the OptaPlanner AI constraint solver Anna Dupliak Automate your business decisions in Java with Artificial Intelligence algorithms to improve your organization’s schedules, operations and processes. Optimize results. Find the best solution with hard and soft constraints. In this Community Central, Anna Dupliak will demonstrate OptaPlanner, an open source framework in Java that is easy to integrate with Quarkus, and that can automate these kinds of routines.
August 4, 2022 Community Sessions Toolbx: Developing on and troubleshooting emerging OSes Debarshi Ray Toolbx is a tool that allows the use of containerized command-line environments. It’s shipped by default on Fedora CoreOS, Silverblue, and Workstation, and is included in RHEL 8.5 onwards. Toolbx is very useful on OSTree-based OSes like CoreOS and Silverblue, which discourage the installation of software on the host, and don’t package managers like DNF. Debarshi Ray, the author of Toolbx, will talk about how it was conceived, and show how developers and sysadmins on emerging OSes can leverage it to solve their problems.
April 21, 2022 Community Sessions Performance Co-Pilot Jason Beard & Andreas Gerstmayr An overview of Performance Co-Pilot, which analyzes systems’ performance metrics in real-time or using historical data, compares performance metrics between different hosts and different intervals, and observes trends and identifies abnormal patterns.
September 23, 2021 Community Sessions Enforce Configuration & Security Checks with KubeLinter Viswajith Venugopal KubeLinter is an open source tool that analyzes Kubernetes YAML files and Helm charts, checking them against a variety of best practices, with a focus on production readiness and security. In this overview, Viswajith Venugopal will walk you through a hands-on demo of the application, showcasing a use case for local machines and CI pipeline integration, and we’ll cover how to best integrate KubeLinter into your organization.
July 8, 2021 Community Sessions Introducing Open Cluster Management Gurney Buchanan, Michael Elder, Mike Ng Introducing Open Cluster Management, a community-driven project focused on multicluster and multicloud scenarios for Kubernetes apps. Open APIs are evolving within this project for cluster registration, work distribution, dynamic placement of policies and workloads, and cluster and workload health management. We will introduce the project and demonstrate what you can do on Kubernetes and OKD using open cluster management.
July 1, 2021 Community Sessions What does the Continuous Delivery Foundation do? Andrea Frittoli, Jason Hall, Vincent Demeester, Adam Kaplan The CD Foundation supports and provides neutral ownership for the top open source continuous integration technologies, including Jenkins, Tekton, and soon Shipwright. Join our panel of CI/CD enginners and a member of the CDF TOC to find out about the foundation, how it works, and the benefits it offers for application developers and admins.
June 17, 2021 Community Sessions Revamping Fedora Community Outreach Mariana Balla, Sumantro Mukherjee, Marie Nordin The Fedora Ambassador Program is over 15 years old, and there are a variety of other outreach related teams that have developed within the Fedora Project. As things evolved over the years, the Ambassador Program declined in engagement and the other teams have ebbed and flowed. The Fedora Project has been working on a Community Outreach Revamp for the last year to clarify the various roles, modernize our activities, and provide up to date resources to the Fedora Outreach teams.
June 10, 2021 Community Sessions Community CRMs: Data-driven Community Management Michael Hall, Odysseas Lamtzidis, Catherine Paganini, Patrick Woods Join this panel discussion to hear from the founders of Savannah and Orbit, two popular Community CRMs, as well as CRM power users to learn how these tools can help community professionals. We’ll discuss what community CRMs are, why every project should take a data-driven approach to community management, and how these tools have transformed the day-to-day work of project maintainers.
May 27, 2021 Community Sessions Integrate systems in the age of Quarkus, Knative & Kafka Claus Ibsen Apache Camel has been the Swiss knife of integrating heterogeneous systems for more than a decade. Claus Ibsen explains how Camel adapts to the newest changes with microservices and cloud computing! Apache Camel integrations written on top of Quarkus start in a matter of milliseconds and consume just a few tens of megabytes of RAM. We will explain the technology and show a demo including the famous Quarkus dev mode. Then you will learn how the outstanding integration capabilities of Apache Camel enrich the serverless architectures based on Knative and Kafka!
May 20, 2021 Community Sessions Using Pulp 3 - Simpler and Faster Brian Bouterse With the release of Pulp 3 in December of 2019, Pulp underwent a complete technical overhaul. Pulp 3 has increased reliability and flexibility compared to earlier versions of Pulp. Over the last few months, there’s been great focus on creating a Pulp 3 CLI. In this episode, Brian Bouterse will highlight the Pulp 3 feature set through the brand-new Pulp 3 CLI.
May 13, 2021 Community Sessions Project Overview: Konveyor Phil Cattanach With the growing adoption of Kubernetes, system administrators or developers need tools to accelerate modernization of applications and infrastructure. Phil Cattanach takes a look at how one such open source project called Tackle helps you manage a portfolio of applications and assess/analyze those applications to determine their suitability for containerization. Aside from explaining this tool’s feature and benefits, you’ll also get a glance at the rest of the migration tools being developed inside of the Konveyor open source community.
April 29, 2021 Community Sessions Exploring DevOps Automation Mark Bestavros Many GitHub-native projects make use of the platform’s robust project management features, including issue tracking and pull requests; however, managing large volumes of them can get very unwieldy very quickly, with lots of repetitive busywork that eats away at developer productivity. Mark Bestavros will present novel tools built on GitHub Actions to automate such common tasks with issues and PRs, with particular focus on the pull request review process. Design decisions and lessons learned about writing developer tooling with GitHub Actions will also be discussed.
April 26, 2021 Community Sessions Intro to Ceph Mike Perez From Raspberry PI’s to 880+ petabyte in data centers analyzing black holes, Ceph, since its inception in 2006, isn’t the new kid on the block anymore, providing block storage. Ceph, an open-source distributed storage project, provides three interfaces to interact with your data: Object Storage (S3, Swift Object compatible), Block level (e.g., volumes to containers, virtual, and bare-metal machines), and a POSIX-compliant filesystem. Hear from Ceph’s Mike Perez on why people vote Ceph over other costly alternatives in various open source project user surveys and what’s coming for the future of storage in Ceph’s upcoming release, Pacific.
April 15, 2021 Community Sessions Introducing Eclipse Vert.x and Reactive Programming with Mutiny Julien Viet and Julien Ponge Wondering what the story is around reactive programming? You’re in luck, because in this episode, Eclipse Vert.x, a toolkit for building reactive applications on the JVM and Mutiny, a new reactive programming library, will be explored. Join Julien Viet and Julien Ponge for this look at this cool technology!
Mar 18, 2021 Community Sessions Red Hat Arcade Jared Sprague, Roderick Kieley, Erik Jacobs, & Derek Reese The Red Hat Arcade is a project many years in the making. From individual colleague’s open source gaming projects to Red Hat Summit keynotes, Red Hatters have a long history of contributing and building around the gaming space for educational, demo, and entertainment purposes. We felt it was important to recognize and highlight the extra nights and weekends of effort poured into the games and interactive experiences that have made so many memorable moments for both customers as well as our internal teams, and make the end results as accessible as possible.
Mar 11, 2021 Community Sessions Connecting with sigstore Luke Hinds, Bob Callaway sigstore is a project with the goal of providing a public good/non-profit service to improve the open source software supply chain by easing the adoption of cryptographic software signing, backed by transparency log technologies. In this session Luke Hinds and Bob Callaway from the Red Hat Office of the CTO’s Emerging Technologies team provide an overview of the project and discuss its future plans.
Feb 18, 2021 Community Sessions Surveying Your Community (slides) Sophie Vargas, Josh Berkus Surveys are a popular way to find out more about our widely distributed open source communities. Creating a good survey is difficult work that requires some training or experience; otherwise you end up as unenlightened after the survey as before it. Please join community experts from Google and Red Hat who will walk you through some of the fine points of creating good community surveys.
Oct 22, 2020 Community Sessions Creating Knative’s New Steering Charter Paul Morie, Matt Moore, Michael Behrendt The Knative Community recently adopted a new Steering charter. The overhaul of the charter took 6 weeks of discussion, and many arguments and eventual compromises between stakeholders with different goals for the project. Join Knative project leaders who will talk about why they changed the charter and the process of driving consensus on new governance for the project.
Sep 23, 2020 Community Sessions Revisiting ChRIS: Solutions for the Front Line of Medicine Dr. Rudolph Pienaar, Boston Children’s Hosital In this talk, Dr. Pienaar will present a semi-deep dive of ChRIS–its design, growth areas, challenges, etc, as well as the collaboration with Red Hat. A previous Community Central presentation spoke more to the AI detail of this effort. In this talk the focus will be on the technical realities of bringing such solutions/efforts out of Jupyter notebooks and into working/usable solutions.
Aug 27, 2020 Community Sessions Foundations and Trademarks Mike Milinkovich, Chris Aniszczyk, Shane Curcuru, Amy Marrich, Van Lindberg Open source foundations have helped project manage trademarks and brands for 25 years. Join our panel from 5 prominent OSS foundations to find out what trademark services they offer, and how they manage brands in their organizations
Aug 20, 2020 Community Sessions Intelligent Data as a Service in Healthcare Alan Scott Join us to speak with the leaders of the iDAAS (Intelligent Data as a Service). iDAAS was developed as an accelerator-based framework and advanced design pattern to help healthcare partners, SIs, payers, and providers solve numerous data challenges.
Aug 6, 2020 Community Sessions Introducing Safe Paths Sherif Kozman, Dick Lucas The Google/Apple Exposure Notification Framework has what is called an “Epi Program”, a set of criteria with which a Health Authority can specify what will count as an “exposure”. Sherif Kozman and Dick Lucas from Safe Paths will walk through the technical specification.
July 14, 2020 Tech Tuesday Fedora CoreOS & OKD Dusty Mabe Now that Fedora CoreOS is stable and capable of supporting the full OKD stack, it is ready to be your development environment for cloud applications. Maintainer Dusty Mabe will show off CoreOS’s features, discuss the future of the OS, and explain how it’s different from other versions.
July 7, 2020 Tech Tuesday Kubernetes + Kubevirt + Windows Chris Callegari Want to migrate your Windows legacy applications to your shiny new Kubernetes infrastructure, so that you can stop maintaining two separate stacks and management tools? Thanks to Kubevirt, you can! Join us for a demo of migrating a Windows VM to running on Kubernetes using Kubevirt.
June 11, 2020 Community Topics Welcoming Nomenclature Rich Bowen There is both traditional and customary terminology that may be offensive or unwelcoming in technology today. How do you avoid inadvertently using this in your project? How do you remove it if it’s already there?
May 28, 2020 Tech Thurs Catching Up With Open Data Hub Anish Asthana & Chad Roberts Open Data Hub is a blueprint for building AI/ML as a service using Openshift & Ceph. We will cover the basics, plus all of the exciting developments from the last year.
April 28, 2020 Tech Tuesdays Enarx - secured, attested execution on any cloud Axel Simon Encryption in transit: done. Encryption at rest: done. Encryption in use? That’s what Enarx aims to solve using TEEs and by providing a practical application deployment system + hardware attestation. This demo will show basic Enarx functionality on actual hardware.
April 21, 2020 Tech Tuesdays Event Driven Business Automation with Kogito Duncan Doyle In this demo we will use the Kogito and Quarkus cloud-native Business Automation capabilities, like processes, workflows and decision management, with an event-driven and serverless architecture to build true, event-driven, enterprise business solutions with Kafka and KNative on OpenShift.
April 16, 2020 Short Takes Ansible Collections: Scaling for the Future Ganesh Nalawade With over 3,500 modules in the Ansible distribution now, we know it needs a spring clean. Hear how we’re going to make a leaner, more agile, future for Ansible.
April 14, 2020 Tech Tuesdays Container Registries: Then and Now Joey Schorr Containers have taken the world by storm and, with them, has come the requirement to store and distribute the images behind these containers via a registry. This talk will discuss the history and architecture of Quay, the world’s first and longest-running secure container registry, from the very earliest days to the latest and greatest current data models.
April 2, 2020 Panels Running Virtual Events and Meetups Josh Berkus, Jorge Castro, Sheeri Cabral, Kim McMahon, Lewis Denham-Parry Many organizers are facing running virtual meetups and events for the first time this season. Hear from experienced virtual event runners how to do this.
March 26, 2020 Short Takes Meet the Open Organization community Bryan Behrenshausen, Community Members The open organization community explores how open principles can change the way we work, manage, and lead. In this session, you’ll learn how our community has developed insights and resources to help organizations transform by becoming more open—and you’ll learn how you can join the conversation.
March 31, 2020 Tech Tuesdays High-Availability PostgreSQL on Kubernetes Jonathan Katz, Crunchy Data Come see the new Crunchy Operator 4.2, for running PostgreSQL in your Kubernetes/Openshift Cluster.In this demo, we will use the Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator to: Deploy a HA PostgreSQL cluster, Create a downtime event and watch it failover, Watch the cluster automatically heal!